Recently Peter & Patty were joined by family and friends in Kenny’s of Lucan to celebrate 60 years married. The huge extended Dobbs and Brady family, together with friends, made for a great afternoon of catching up and lots of stories and laughter. The sun came out in the afternoon and the party spilled out into Kenny’s courtyard where everyone enjoyed a delicious BBQ. Peter & Patty met in the Premier Cinema Lucan (later the Grove) in October 1952. Patty worked as an Usherette. Peter, a brilliant mimic, imitating Kevin Anderson (the boss) loudly complained on the balcony of the cinema “Young Lady, you are not doing that right, check with the customers where they would like to be seated”. It was quite dark in the Cinema and Patty thought it was Kevin and got a bit of a fright. She soon found out it was Peter when she heard everyone falling around laughing. She forgave him and they started dating. Patty and Peter both say, “don’t take life too seriously”. It certainly did the trick, they are together almost 70 years and married for 60. Peter’s family are many generations in Leixlip and Patty many generations in Lucan. Peter and Patty holidayed for their honeymoon in Salthill and then moved home into Dodsboro Cottages, Lucan.
Pictured: Peter Brady, Don Baker, Patty Brady, Angela Shanahan, Peggy Croke and Noel Shanahan