Patients at Tallaght Hospital stand to be affected by Support staff strike action

Tallaght Hospital

Hardworking hospital workers feel dismissed by a Government detached from reality on the ground. 

Commenting ahead of this Thursday’s planned industrial action by HSE support staff in hospital’s nationwide including Tallaght Hospital, Local Fianna Fáil South Dublin County Councillor, Charlie O’Connor said, “The pay dispute that has triggered this action has been left fester and the Government’s failure to carry out a job evaluation scheme as previously agreed is at its centre. “The public may not necessarily be aware of quite how integral these support staff are to the hour-to-hour operation of Tallaght hospital as the emphasis tends to be more commonly placed on doctors and nurses. That said, health support staff are as important to the effective running of the hospital and are crucial in rehabilitating patients following surgery, sickness or injury.

“Health care assistants, maternity care assistants, laboratory aides, and surgical instrument technicians as well as chefs, porters and catering staff are all essential, but these workers feel undervalued by Government. He added, “It appears that no one is in the position to predict how this strike action will be felt on Thursday and the degree of uncertainty is unnerving all those that are due to attend the hospital later this week. Without support staff in place, there will inevitably be an impact on elective surgeries. “Having spoken to the Chief Executive in Tallaght this morning, I am assured that all possible contingency planning is being completed in advance of Thursday. However, this is a hospital that is already stretched and under serious pressure to provide services.

“This planned strike can and should be averted. The Minister must honour the State’s commitments provided to staff four years ago. Their commitment to care can no longer be taken advantage of”, concluded Cllr O’Connor.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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