Over 200 households evicted into homelessness in 2023


New figures from South Dublin County Council show that a total of 212 families and individuals presented as homeless in 2023 following a Notice of Termination by their landlord. The figures were released as part of a Question asked by People Before Profit Councillor Madeleine Johansson at the February council meeting. 150 of those were evicted into homelessness after the lifting of the eviction ban at the end of March 2023.

Cllr Madeleine Johansson commented: “It’s absolutely shocking to see that over 200 families and individuals were evicted by landlords into homelessness. When the government lifted the eviction ban at the end of March they promised that measures were in place to stop people being evicted into homelessness. These measures are clearly not working as people continue to be evicted into homelessness.

“I’m one of thousands of tenants facing eviction later this year. In our situation none of the measures introduced by the government such as tenant in situ or purchase of the property are possible. This is leaving tenants like me with no options except emergency accommodation. “We need a ban on no fault evictions, especially on the grounds of sale. We also need additional short-term measures to prevent tenants from being evicted into homelessness.”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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