Official Opening of Brú Chrónáin – the Round Tower Interpretive Centre Clondalkin

Official Opening Brú Chrónáin Clondalkin

Clondalkin’s Round Tower, built by St. Crónán Mochua, is one of Ireland’s oldest, tallest and intact monastic artefacts. It is also known for its unusually wide buttress. It forms the Tower’s most distinguishing feature, creating a support and reinforcement that has seen the Tower survive invasions, revolutions, explosions and an ever changing landscape. It is the acknowledgement of our predecessors that to survive and thrive we need a solid, strong support base that has ensured a 7th Century structure continues to stand tall in the 21st Century. From its earliest recorded history, Clondalkin has shown that strong supports lead to successful ventures. However, it is another, more powerful buttress that continues to hold us up- Clondalkin’s sense of community. A community that rallies to support and encourage each other.

Frances Fitzgerald TD added, “That support produces fantastic things. From our Tidy Towns growing year on year, to our sports clubs who develop community spirit and managers who bring Sam Maguire back to Dublin, to our schools who ensure Clondalkin continues to produce vibrant and bright residents. “In fact the reason we are here today is thanks to that solid base of community we have in Clondalkin.

Speaking at the official opening, Frances Fitzgerald TD added “It is no wonder the Happy Pear chose here for its first Dublin Café! “On that note, today is also about officially welcoming the Happy Pear to Clondalkin. I would like to acknowledge owners David and Stephen Flynn for creating such a vibrant, growing brand both here in Clondalkin and nationally through their books, food range and health advocacy. Thank you for becoming involved in local life here in Clondalkin, from feeding hungry locals, your drive to employ local people and your commitment to manage the Interpretive Centre. “I wish you, the 44 local volunteer tour guides, the Council and the Steering Group every success in this new and exciting chapter of Clondalkin’s history.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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