O’Connor calls for action on Scramblers

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Local Councillor, Charlie O’Connor has called for effective action to be taken in respect of dangers being created by Scramblers in Open Spaces/Parks. He was particularly responding to serious concerns and distress created by residents of Old Bawn in respect of Scramblers operating in Dodder Valley Park.

Charlie O’Connor raised the matter at the April meeting of the Tallaght Area Committee and stressed the need for action.

The Council replied to Charlie O’Connor as follows:

“The Council is acutely aware of long and an on-going problem associated with scramblers and has been in liaison with An Garda Síochána in relation to this issue for some time.  Public Realm works have been initiated in some locations in an attempt to combat the problem e.g. run of 1.2 metre high fencing along the side of the green space areas, provision of bollards etc and we continue to explore opportunities to address the access problems. 

The subject and potential for establishing a regional Task Force was recently considered by the EPR&CC SPC at its February 2018 meeting following referral to it from the November 2017 Council Meeting, having initially been considered and referred from the October 2017 Clondalkin ACM.  Cllr Francis Timmons was nominated from the EPR&CC SPC and the motion was also noted at the recent Land Use Planning & Transportation SPC. Given the ongoing engagement of the Council’s Road Safety Officer with An Garda Síochána and Motorcycling Ireland in relation to such issues, it has been agreed that the Council’s Road Safety Officer will sit on this group.  It is now also proposed to make direct contact with the other Dublin Authorities and AGS to seek nominations for a Regional Task Force. 

Dodder Valley Park will be examined to determine what physical works could be carried out there to help control and prevent access there for scramblers.”


According to Charlie O’Connor residents are pleading for action in respect of this matter and he has undertaken to continue to represent those concerns.


Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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