North Clondalkin Community Angry at JIGSAW Closure

Jigsaw Clondalkin Lucan

North Clondalkin Cllr Mark Ward has expressed his anger that JIGSAW’s current service in North Clondalkin will not be retained. A Community Walk was organised recently so local people can express their concerns and put pressure on JIGSAW to reverse their decision to amalgamate their service in North Clondalkin with Tallaght. Cllr Mark Ward said “I am angered beyond words that a bureaucratic decision could have a devastating effect on our area. This is a direct attack on our young people, and it must not happen,” “Jigsaw management and the HSE are playing with our children’s lives, this must not be allowed happen. JIGSAW will come out with their usual spin bur the reality is that the service as it stands will no longer be available to the young people of North Clondalkin”

“JIGSAW North Clondalkin was born out of a need. A need to tackle the amount of young people dying by suicide. North Clondalkin has had numerous suicides over the years and the affects can be felt daily” “I have had direct contact from parents, staff and community groups recently all expressing the same concerns. There is a lack of mental health services in Clondalkin and to reduce or remove this vital service is cruel to say the least. Young people from Clondalkin won’t travel to Tallaght to use Jigsaw’s services.” “JIGSAW have accused people like me that openly critics’ their decision as scaremongering. This is totally outrageous. The consultation process hosted by JIGSAW happened after they made their decision. The Community was ignored. A service like JIGSAW is vital to our community and if its gone the affects could be fatal to some of our young people”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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