Irish Cancer Society to call on Government to invest in National Cancer Strategy in Budget 2020. Society warned that a lack of investment in genetic services is leading to the unnecessary distress and suffering of cancer patients. Róisín tested positive for a BRCA 1 mutation in 2011. Her Mum had passed away to breast cancer and her six aunts had been diagnosed with either breast or ovarian cancer. This was hugely traumatic for her and her family. To their shock, this cancer began to present itself in the next generation and Róisín’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer twice. Róisín went on to have risk-reducing surgeries in 2011 and 2013, which can have enormous health consequences for women. Róisín has worked as a peer support volunteer for BRCA families since 2014. She has seen a decline in Hereditary Cancer Services across this country, with some clinics having temporarily closed down in the last year, and she believes families are being let down because of a crisis in genetic cancer services.

Pictured is Averil Power, Chief Executive Officer, Irish Cancer Society with Róisín Prizeman, Dublin – BRCA positive.  Pic: Andres Poveda