N26 bolsters its premium range with N26 Smart, a new premium digital bank account to help Irish customers save and spend with confidence

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N26 launches “N26 Smart” across all of its 24 European markets

Digital banking pioneer N26 recently announced the launch of its newest premium subscription, N26 Smart. N26 Smart joins N26 You and N26 Metal as The Mobile Bank’s third premium subscription, giving Irish customers access to its most popular money management features at great value, for the cost of just €4.90 a month. 

The best of N26 for less than €5 a month 

The new monthly subscription will bring together a host of N26’s premium features and benefits with fresh, new functionalities to help them organize their finances with confidence and ease, bundled on top of N26’s 100% digital current account. Features included in a monthly N26 Smart subscription include:

  • Dedicated hotline phone support with an N26 customer services representative in addition to in-app support chat.
  • Access to up to ten ‘Spaces’ – N26’s iconic sub-accounts, with Shared Spaces functionality – making it possible to save, spend and manage money with up to ten other people.
  • Access to a new Round-Ups feature, which automatically rounds up each purchase to the nearest Euro and sets aside the spare change to help customers grow their savings easily with minimal effort.
  • Up to five ATM withdrawals a month, fee-free payments worldwide in any currency and curated partner offers and benefits.
  • A choice of five different colors for their N26 Smart Mastercard – Aqua, Rhubarb, Sand, Slate and Ocean – to make a statement at every occasion

N26 Smart subscribers will have access to all the intuitive features of N26’s paperless and branchless banking experience – from 100% digital account opening, to instant notifications and automatic categorization of spending through the Statistics feature, free payments worldwide and mobile payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay, in-app access to a digital version of their N26 Mastercard, and fund protection up to 100,000€ under the German Deposit Protection Scheme.  

N26 Smart will make premium subscription services more accessible to Irish consumers

The launch of N26 Smart is the first of a series of planned updates to N26’s product portfolio, set to roll out over the coming months across all the digital bank’s free and premium products. N26 You will evolve into N26 International, with even more features for borderless banking and zero FX fees when travelling, shopping and sending money internationally. Finally, N26 Metal will become N26 Unlimited, offering the best digital banking experience with world-class premium banking features, an iconic stainless steel card, comprehensive travel and lifestyle insurance and even more exclusive experiences and offers than before.

“Everybody should be empowered to manage their money in a way that makes sense for their priorities and way of life. With more and more customers turning to digital banking in these uncertain times, N26 Smart will put our most popular tools at our customers’ fingertips at a budget-conscious price point, helping anyone effortlessly manage their money digitally with confidence and ease,” said Valentin Stalf, co-founder and CEO of N26.

A new product that brings N26 closer to serving 1 million Irish customers

The new N26 Smart subscription and planned changes to N26’s existing products build on five years of customer insights, at a time when Irish people are continuing to look for ways to bank more flexibly and avoid being charged unexpected fees by traditional banks. In fact, recent N26 surveys revealed that 67% of Irish consumers have received an unexpected fee or charge related to banking in the last year. N26’s research also showed that 42% of Irish people have been stung an average of three times in the last 12 months, costing approximately €19.90 each time, equating to €39.80 per year in unexpected fees. 

Adrienne Gormley, COO, N26 added: “N26 is one of the pioneers to modernise banking by building a freemium subscription model for consumers across Europe, not least in Ireland. We’ve always believed we have a responsibility to provide digital banking services for free, so that anyone can access simple, transparent banking on their smartphone. This will not change for N26, and we remain committed to always providing a free account. In addition, we’re also building out our product range with an additional premium subscription, N26 Smart, to give more customers easier access to world-class premium banking features at an affordable price. Based on five years of customer insights, we believe that by offering Irish customers a tailored range of features and products to meet their growing needs, we’re taking confident steps towards a future where all banking is digital and meeting the specific needs of our wide base of customers.” 

The benefits of N26 Smart will also be available to freelancers and self-employed individuals in the N26 Business Smart subscription, which will offer all the benefits of a personal N26 Smart premium account, on top of curated partner offers and benefits for business customers, and an added 0.1% cashback on all card spend. For more information on N26 Smart, https://n26.com/en-eu/bank-account

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