South Dublin Council is proposing a number of modifications to Monastery Road in Clondalkin. Cllr Trevor Gilligan added “This is following on from previous road works that took place recently on the Monastery Road. Residents are worried that the new works will cause major traffic disruptions along the road. Works are proposed to be completed by Q1 2019.”

The works are as follows: The construction of new wide footpath between Monastery Heath and Siac Roundabout. Provision of safe pedestrian crossing facilities at the Siac Roundabout on the Woodford Hill arm and reconfiguration of the roundabout. Provision of 2 signalised pedestrian crossings, one at Siac Roundabout on the Woodford arm of the roundabout and the other one on the bow bridge (L1019) just south of the Ibis Roundabout. Junction treatment works at Monastery Gate Entrance. Pavement works on footpaths around the Ibis Roundabout. Tree planting to replace trees on Monastery Road that require removal. Provision of staircase down the eastern embankment just south of the bow bridge to the footpath at the bottom. Resurfacing of the footpath and cycle track between the Siac Roundabout and the Ibis Roundabout and merging the footpath and cycle track into a shared facility.”


“Pedestrian safety is paramount. I have had a number of queries about the previous road works on The Monastery Road and I would ask SDCC to look into these safety issues as a matter of ongoing concern. Specifically at the entrance to the Round Towers GAA Pitches” concluded Cllr Gilligan.