Mayor creates a space for people to reflect on the year gone by


The Mayor of South Dublin County, Cllr Ed O’Brien, has created an event that will provide citizens of the County with a shared space to reflect on the year gone by. Each year, the Mayor of South Dublin County, has an opportunity to create a Mayor’s Initiative, an event or idea that focuses on an area they feel strongly about. Mayor O’Brien has chosen to create a space in which the people of South Dublin County can pay tribute to all those who have worked on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 or use to think back on the past twelve months.

Recently, a pillar of light will be shone through the night from Tallaght Stadium and the Mayor is inviting people to take a moment to pause and step outside reflect on what has been a difficult year for many. On announcing the event, Mayor O’Brien said, “I was honoured to be chosen as Mayor of South Dublin County last year to represent you during what has been a very challenging time for us all. One I hope we never face the likes of again. Through the challenges we have faced together, I believe what we have seen this year is that South Dublin County has an exceptionally strong community spirit.

As I leave office this month, I wanted to give us all the space to reflect on the past year. To give thanks to those who have worked so hard to protect us. To think of loved ones we haven’t seen in over an year. To remember those we’ve lost. Whatever it is, whatever it means to you. Physical distance guidelines still mean we can’t come together as one community. But, on Thursday 17 June, we shone a light into the night sky from Tallaght Stadium to create a space for us all to reflect on the past year”. The beam of light went on at sundown and he invited you to step outside your door and pause for just a moment as we think back on everything we have been through together.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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