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Griffith College’s Schools Liaison Officer Sinéad O’Callaghan acknowledges that change is inevitable but recommends embracing change when it comes to your college experience.

“Leaving the microcosm of second level education can be daunting, but embarking on a new chapter as a third level student is an opportunity to grow, meet new people and open your life up to a world of new opportunities.”


College offers a vast range of new experiences including joining new clubs and societies through the Students Union or availing of an academic year of studying abroad on an Erasmus programme. Griffith College has a wide range of International links in which we encourage academic experience abroad, this builds your professional profile and can make you more desirable as a graduate to future employers.


Furthermore, choosing a college course which offers a work placement or internship element is another stepping stone for building your employability prospects. The level 8 Computing Science degree in Griffith College allocates a 6-month work placement in third year, enabling students to gain invaluable experience in an IT related work environment. Additionally, the level 8 LL. B (Law) affords students an opportunity to experience law in the United States on Griffith’s Brehon Law Internship in Philadelphia.


In 2019, Irish Colleges are now a popular destination for International students. This means you will have the opportunity to experience new cultures and form new friendships. With time on your hands, the question isn’t ‘why are you doing that?’ but more like ‘why not?!’ If you’ve an idea of your own, don’t be held back from approaching your Students Union for support and getting it off the ground.



Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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