Make St Cuthberts great again- build the wall.

St Cuthberts Park Clondalkin

Sinn Fein councillor William Carey has called upon South Dublin County Council (SDCC) to complete the perimeter wall around St Cuthberts park from Melrose estate through Lindisfarne around to the new houses of St Cuthberts Meadow. Commenting on SDCC response to questions and motions at Clondalkin area committee, Councillor Carey said , local residents are extremely disappointed that the wall surrounding St Cuthberts has not been completed as they had expected.


St Cuthberts Park Clondalkin

Councillor Carey pointed out that the low-level kerb/wall surrounding St Cuthberts has previously enabled anti-social activity to occur with stolen cars been brought into the park and burnt out. Part of the community gain with the construction of new houses adjacent to Lealand estate was to be the addition of the stone wall to border the park. One local resident said it was farcical that the wall has a stop start pattern to it and that we are been left with what looks like a job half done. Cllr Carey added that it appears that there was insufficient funding made available for the completion of the wall and stated that he would be seeking the additional funding be made available. Councillor Carey pointed out that there is currently a high-level task force in place to promote St Cuthberts park and called for a meeting at the earliest possible date. Cllr Carey stated that people want to feel pride in their area and when work appears to be half done it takes away from the beauty and aesthetics of their living environment.
Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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