A new environmental campaign group, Extinction Rebellion Ireland, has announced that it will be hosting a free information talk in Tallaght’s Rua Red on the 2nd of July the impact climate change will have locally, nationally and globally now and into the future. Colin Walsh who is a national co-ordinator for the new group, will be presenting the talk. The talk is aimed at raising awareness among the local public, and particularly families with young children, on the impacts that climate change will have on them and their families in the years to come. Also discussed on the night will be a radical new direct action based approach to climate change campaigning.

This marks the beginning of a wider campaign by Extinction Rebellion Ireland to highlight the need for drastic action on climate change. Many more talks will follow in cities, towns and villages across the country.

Colin Walsh said the talk is aimed at raising awareness of the consequences which climate change will have on the lives of his generation and their children, “Our group is putting this talk on because we really feel that a lot of people do not fully realise what is at stake here. I know many people in the community who are a bit worried about climate change but don’t know all the facts. “This talk is to try to inform people of how serious the climate situation is and how it’s going to impact on our lives in the not too distant future. The science is very clear that if we do not radically change how we live our lives, even here in Tallaght, then we are in serious danger of more major flooding events, global food shortages, massive sea level rise and, as David Attenborough has said, a potential for the collapse of society. It’s scary stuff but there is something we can do about it if we act now. “We also want to highlight how the Government is failing abysmally to do anything approaching meaningful action on the topic. Ireland’s record on this is shocking, and those in power should be ashamed of themselves for the way they are sacrificing our children’s future for the sake of protecting the status quo. But it may not be too late yet. So, we will be pushing the government hard to change its tune. “We’d be delighted to welcome anyone with an interest to come to the talk on Tuesday the 2nd of July in Rua Red at 7.30pm”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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