Local representatives welcome review of Lucan buses but say more is needed

Gino Kenny Madeleine Johansson

People Before Profit TD for Dublin Midwest Gino Kenny and Councillor Madeleine Johansson have welcomed a review of the C1 and C2 bus services in Lucan. The representatives made the comments following a meeting with the NTA to discuss a number of issues with bus services in the Lucan area. They were informed that the NTA are currently waiting for a proposal from Dublin Bus regarding the C1 and C2 routes. Both representatives reported having been contacted by residents about issues with capacity on the C1 and C2, particularly at peak times.

Gino Kenny commented: “I welcome the review of the C1 and C2 routes. It’s clear to me that we need more buses on these routes, particularly at peak times and in the early mornings. We have also asked the NTA to look at providing additional services on the P29 route in the morning time. There is a growing population in the wider Lucan area and people want to use public transport instead of private cars but this is very difficult when you can’t get on a bus or when buses don’t show up.

“We also raised the need for an additional train in the morning from Adamstown to Dublin City Centre but we were informed that not enough funding had been allocated to provide this. I will be contacting the Minister for Transport about this to request additional funding for an extra train.”

Cllr Madeleine Johansson added: “People are contacting us all the time because of problems with the buses. The buses from Lucan to the city centre are full to capacity, particularly at peak times and on Saturdays. “The problem of ‘ghost buses’ has also been reported numerous times, that is when buses that are scheduled don’t show up at all. Sometimes people have been left waiting an hour for the next bus. We raised this with the NTA and they said that they are aware of this still happening but hoping that the situation will improve with increased recruitment of drivers.  

“I welcome that the C1 and C2 routes are being reviewed and I hope that they will be able to put on extra buses as soon as possible.”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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