Local Ladies Knitting Group Is Looking For Volunteers

The Bungalow Fidget Blankets

A group of local  volunteers that go to (The Bungalow) Cherry Orchard FRC centre every Monday Morning from 10am to 12 .00 make Blankets and Twiddlemuffs, they are therapeutic quilts to which different items have been attached or sewn on. These items offer Sensory stimulation that has calming effects on Dementia /Alzheimer Patients. The Blankets alleviate boredom for older people and provide a means of performing repetitive behaviours that are often comforting and distracting. The group have received very good feedback from nursing homes and hospitals. With the long dark evenings drawing in if anyone that can sew or knit would like to help the group, they would love for you to come on board, most of the work they do at home and meet up Monday for a chat about ideas and a nice cup of Tea & Scone. Please call in any Monday if you can’t make Monday ring Christina Tel 01 6231367 and she will make appointment with Connie to see you day that’s suits you to let you know all about what they do. The group are always looking for people who can sew or knit. Tell your friends or bring your friend’s down! 

Address is Cherry Orchard FRC Clg., 28 Elmvale Drive, D10K763. Tel 01 6231367. 

Fidget Blankets

Fidget blankets are for almost anyone! They were originally developed for elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia who need sensory input to cope with restlessness and confusion. But they’re also great for children and adults on the autism spectrum, those with ADHD, sensory processing disorder, developmental disabilities, stroke, brain injury, and anyone else who benefits from stimming — sensory stimulation. Stimming helps neurodivergent people cope with stressful situations and self-regulate when we struggle with loud noises, bright lights, and other sensory processing challenges.  

Sarah Brooks

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