Local Cllr Slams failure to use ASBOs to combat crime in Clondalkin

Francis Timmons

Cllr Timmons commented recently “I am very concerned that there has been no use of ABSOs in Clondalkin so far this year and only three used last year. Residents who are being plagued with anti-social behaviour including drug dealing etc will be alarmed that these are not being used to greater effect to help combat the issues of crime, we are sick of more promised Garda resources’ and promises to tackle the issues, the issues are being moved around our communities and from talking to people they feel let down by SDCC and the guards who they feel are ignoring there huge concerns”

Cllr Timmons says “I understand the pressure on the guards we have but I feel that ABSOs are part of a solution to the issues residents are experiencing, I also feel SDCC need to act faster when its in there power with the few challenging families littering, dealing drugs and causing there community a nuisance”

Cllr Timmons concluded  “Some Residents have had their windows broken and others are experiencing open drug dealing and buying near their door steps. One resident told me there are days it’s like a market and the response time is generally poor”. “Guards need the support from government in terms of robust law and supports to carry out what is becoming increasingly difficult work, there is a huge need to increase community policing and resources pumped into under age anti-social behaviour so to catch offenders and help them when they are young.” 

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