Liza Sales From Curves Knocklyon Shares Her Journey to Health


My Curves story began way back in 2006, when I joined up as Curves member myself in my local club. I have heard lots of fantastic things about Curves Workout program. What sold it for me was the fast, safe and effective strength training 30-minute workout with long-lasting results just three times a week. I tried many different programs over the years, I loved to exercise. Keeping fit and active has always been a big part of my lifestyle growing up. Looking and feeling good was vital.  I had moved to Dublin a few years prior, and I was starting to pile on the weight over the last few years.  I went from being this super-fit active person to a lazy couch potato. My job kept me busy some days working through my lunch break to get deadlines done in work or at the end of the workday grabbing a takeaway on the way home. I wasn’t fitting in any time to exercise to keep fit, stay active or healthy in general.

I had been a member at Curves for the past few years now. The program worked really well for me; I had gotten fantastic results. I had lost a lot of weight. I could see the results, but it was even better when my family and friends could see it too. It felt good to reach a healthy weight again to have more energy and to feel happy in my appearance and in my clothes. What women doesn’t like to get a compliment. You work for it you earn it. Let that smile, sparkle girl.

Moving fast forward few years now I loved Curves so much, that I had applied for position at the club that I was a member at.  I had successfully grown and managed the club for over 7-year period.  I decided to purchase a resale club back in 2015 when I was 7 months pregnant, and I have been running my club ever since. My dream was to always have my own business and to inspire women in my community.  I am grateful to wake up to still be one of the lucky ones to still do the job that I love every day with passion and commitment to every woman that walk in my door.

My A-Team as we jokingly call each other love to teach and educate, support our Curves Members Purple Squad in our Community every day.  My absolute passion lies in helping women realise their true potential, I love to see women become more confident and to start to really love who they really are. Over the years I have helped and supported thousands of women in Curves Knocklyon and to bring this support across my local community to help these women achieve their fitness, health and weight loss and wellness goals over the years and beyond. Curves is more than just a gym; we are a support we are a network for women of all ages, shapes and sizes and my vision is to make our community a healthier more vibrant place one woman at a time. If we can teach women how to take care of themselves in terms of creating a healthier balance with exercise, food, and lifestyle then I truly believe this will echo across our community to our husbands/partners/children/families this will really make a huge impact on the overall physical and mental health in our town.

A huge amount of women do not feel confident or comfortable in a traditional gym environment.  This is where Curves comes in our unique women only fitness club with our welcoming safe environment.  We are still the missing link in the Fitness Industry even after all these years. Curves provide one to one support for women on every single visit, we ensure each woman has a goal and is working towards it with her Curves Coach at every workout.  We make exercising fun, safe and effective at every workout which for a lot of women they never believed could be a reality. Working as Circuit Coach in Curves, I have felt empowered coaching and helping women reach their fitness goals and how they would share their personal stories on their unique journey to our Curves world. I still love my job today just like the very first day I step my foot in the door on my first shift.

Have a look at my photographs, you can see when I started my fitness and weight loss journey.  I was a size 16 not only was I not feeling healthy. I have lost over 5.50 stone with Curves isn’t that amazing and maintain it. I did get to my healthy weight with the help and constant support of my qualified Curves Coaches with the proven that Curves workout really worked for me. I am now at my optimal weight for my height and age. Curves have really changed my life just look at my photos for proof! Real people getting real results at every session. 

Liza Curves Knocklyon
Liza Before
Liza Curves Knocklyon
Liza Now
Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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