Little Preperation For No Deal Brexit

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Seán Crowe TD has criticised the government over their unpreparedness for a no deal Brexit. Deputy Crowe said; “The government’s no deal Brexit plan can be summed up in one sentence approach: leave it to the EU and let the markets decide. This is the same logic it used with the bank crisis and subsequent austerity – a logic that had disastrous consequences for the people of Ireland, Greece, Portugal, and Spain. “This government would appear to be walking away from its duties and is failing to address the most fundamental issue facing the Irish people outside of climate change. “We need a plan that is directed at the issues facing the island of Ireland, not just those facing the EU.

“In terms of the legislation needed to address a no-deal Brexit, the government has simply listed off topics, not actual bills. Clearly the bills have not yet been written and little preparation has been done. If the bills were written surely we would see them. “The lack of preparation and planning means that bills cannot be scrutinised properly at committee and improved upon via input from Members of the Oireachtas and other relevant stakeholders. Any legislation produced between now and the end of January will be rushed and, as a consequence, possibly severely flawed.

“The government is increasingly lacking credibility because of the lack of details in its plans and its continued assertion that a hard no deal Brexit is unlikely. It has not said or done anything to ease the very real fears that many of our SMEs have. “They need to hear practical solutions and see plans and proposals to deal with the challenges they will likely face. “We also need to see an easing of EU state aid rules to allow the Government to directly intervene to support exporters through employment subsidy schemes along with grants for plant renewal, expansion, equipment and the introduction of enabling technology and crucial infrastructure. “None of this is being done, or appears to be planned, by the government. Instead we are being asked to accept and trust that everything will be worked out and alright on the day.”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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