Lack of movement on Station Grove

SDCC Housing

Sinn Fein Cllr William Carey has expressed exasperation at the failure by the developer to bring the housing development at Station Rd Clondalkin to final completion and bring them to the market for sale.

Cllr Carey was speaking after he had raised questions at the Clondalkin area committee meeting on Wednesday 20th May.

Following questions to SDCC regarding the Station Road development that has stood idle over the past 12 years, It remains unclear if SDCC is still owed over €40,000 as part of the developer’s contribution towards expenditure in respect of public infrastructure and facilities. A financial condition of the planning permission being granted (Condition 18) states that a sum of €85,096.00 should be paid to South Dublin Co.Co. A deposit of €44,436 was to be paid before commencement (condition 19) and it is still unclear if the balance has been paid.

Cllr Carey added, “The fact that these houses have stood idle for over 12 years whilst so many people are homeless is an indictment of our system and our reliance upon private developers to fulfil a public need”.

Cllr Carey further stated that it would be astonishing if it is the case that the developer still owes in excess €40,000 to SDCC despite six of these house’s being completed over 12 years ago and that he would be writing to the Chief Executive of SDCC to clarify the matter.

Cllr Carey stated that SDCC need to be more proactive in ensuring that these houses become occupied, either through sale on the open market or by SDCC taking them into public ownership.




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