Knockmitten Astro Pitch Funding Shortfall


Cllr William Carey has called on South Dublin County Council (SDCC) provide a solution to the funding shortfall for the proposed Astro Pitch in Knockmitten, Clondalkin. Cllr Carey was speaking in response to the call from Knockmitten FC for funding for a (50mx30m) astro-pitch facility within the area. At the March Clondalkin area committee meeting councillors agreed that the emphasis should be on SDCC to provide sufficient sports and leisure facilities within communities. Cllr Carey submitted a motion calling on SDCC in partnership with Knockmitten FC to proceed with the project and requested SDCC to find a solution to the shortfall in funding

Cllr Carey stated that Knockmitten FC had engaged in good faith when submitting estimates of €168,000 for the original project. However, following analysis by SDCC, the revised estimate had come in at €309,355. Cllr Carey stated, It is not reasonable to expect, nor likely that a community based club such as Knockmitten FC could provide this level of funding and the proposal by SDCC to reduce the size of the build by over 50% would be totally inadequate to the needs of the community. Cllr Carey continued, SDCC proposal would only provide for a pitch size smaller than the 18yd box of a normal size pitch. This would be totally inadequate to the needs of the community here. Cllr Carey said that there is a responsibility on SDCC as the local authority to provide funding or sporting facilities within our communities and while clubs such as Knockmitten can provide the organisation to ensure efficient use they cannot be expected to provide this level of funding.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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