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Writing an essay can be a demanding process that feels like an uphill battle for most students. Usually, however, this is caused by an attempt to rush the process. Doing the necessary preparations can help to make essay writing a much easier process. This short guide outlines important things to consider when preparing to write an essay.

Understand the essay question; Breaking down an essay question should always be the first process completed when writing one. Missing important information provided within the question is common and can lead to unnecessary rewriting. Make sure enough time is allotted to digest and create a simple essay plan before you begin. Try this! – Ask your child to reframe their essay question in the way they would propose it to you. This will help to highlight any areas they’re unsure about and will require a deeper understanding of the questions objectives to complete effectively.

Complete meaningful research;
Almost all types of essays require significant amounts of research in order to be effective. Before your child writes an essay, they should be well informed on the chosen subject.
Good research can inform the rest of the writing process, allowing your child to map out how the essay is going to look before they’ve even begun. Part of performing good research is knowing how to navigate search engines and asking them the right questions. It’s also vital to check the validity of the information your child is using. Whilst textbooks obtained from a library are generally a reliable source, if you’re using the internet remember to always check the validity of your information. Try this! Ask your child to see if they can track a piece of information to its origin. Un-cited sources are common on the internet, which can easily mislead.

Stay organised;
It’s impossible to remember everything you want to include in your essay, or all the information you’ve gathered from research. Having somewhere to collate that information provides a valuable resource to reference back to if you get stuck. Give these free applications a go! Google Docs (Online writing tool), Mindmeister (Powerful mind
mapping tool), Pinterest (Create inspiration boards).

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Sarah Brooks

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