“South Dublin Councillor Trevor Gilligan has today released an original song he wrote for the forthcoming local elections entitled “I’d Vote 4u (Won’t You Vote 4 Me)”. Listen to it here https://bit.ly/2Vptyb3. I’ve always wanted to write an election song. I’ve had this song on my mind for years but was too shy to release it. It has a 60’s rock n roll vibe to it, something I wouldn’t normally write. My Dad Martin died from cancer at 61 years old, this month 8 years ago. When I started out in politics and I had no one, he was there, without fail. He was a great banjo player, he loved his bluegrass and passed his love of music onto me. I would like to dedicate this song to him.”

“I’d Vote 4u is sung by Waterford native Conor Cleare from the Unusual Suspects. My family and I were watching the Ireland v England game in Waterford, the band played that night, Conor sang & I was impressed. I emailed him the next day and he kindly agreed to sing the track. Conor has one of the best voices in Ireland today, I doubt many male vocalists can hit the heights he can, he has a smokey tone to his voice; The type you would typically hear on a Paul McCartney or Little Richard number. The song is a bit of fun and I hope people enjoy it. Gilligan has previously released an album, a eurovision song and a summer song all of which are on his youtube page here https://bit.ly/2Q60mF0.”

“Trevor was first elected in 2004 when he was 20 years old. He has been elected three times in total. This is his 4th occasion contesting the local elections. Voting take place between 7am-10pm Friday 24th May.”