Ireland’s Readiness for the Implementation of the Digital Green Certificate Questioned

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MEP Barry Andrews has challenged Ireland’s preparedness for the implementation of the Digital Green Certificate. In a letter to the Minister for Health and the Minister for European Affairs, MEP Andrews highlighted his concerns in relation to Ireland’s technological readiness for the rollout of the Digital Green Certificate and Ireland’s capacity to deliver the technological solutions required. “I wrote to both Ministers in advance of the European Parliament plenary debates this week on the issue of the Digital Green Certificate. I am worried about Ireland’s preparedness to implement the Regulation when it comes into effect at the end of June”. 

The letter outlined a number of questions including –

  1. What developments have happened to advance the technical solutions required for the Digital Green Certificate implementation at national level particularly regarding evidence of PCR test? 
  2. Are we in a position to act on the Commission’s guidelines? 
  3. What will be the role of private testing facilities in the rollout of the Digital Green Certificate?
  4. How will the Mandatory Hotel Quarantine system operate and what will be its role, if any, once the Digital Green Certificate is rolled out across Europe?
  5. What is the Irish Government’s position on the exercise of a ‘sunset clause’ in the Regulation and what events or criteria will trigger the clause and who will take the decision?
  6. Will there be free or price capped PCR testing?
  7. What discussions are taking place at EU level to ensure that countries outside the EU, particularly UK and US, are able to align with the project or is this prevented by considerations of data adequacy?

Andrews stated – “Ireland needs to be ready for this rollout – we cannot lag behind other member states on this issue. Our tourism, hospitality and aviation sectors are relying on us to get this right. It is crucial that we are in tandem with the rest of Europe on the rollout to get our economy up and running again this summer”. 

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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