Greater Awareness Needed to Combat Actual Abandoned Vehicles

Cllr Derren Ó Brádaigh

Sinn Féin Councillor Derren Ó Brádaigh has called for greater awareness and information to be made more readily available to inform the public as to the procedure for vehicle disposal. This follows a question asked by the Councillor into figures more generally regarding the problem, but also importantly the anti-social and environmental impacts associated with this issue.

Cllr Ó Brádaigh said: “Here in my own constituency and indeed across the greater Dublin area, the problem with actual abandoned or end-of-life vehicles is becoming increasingly evident. This is not to be mistaken with cars that are simply off the road due to the ever-rising cost of living, which extends to fuel, insurance and maintenance costs, leaving many motorists unable to address running and associated costs of tax and insurance.

“In the last twelve months alone, 526 vehicles were reported to South Dublin County Council, and whilst this doesn’t represent the number of cars actually abandoned, it does highlight a problem. There are still significant numbers having to be removed, under investigation or a matter for the Gardaí.

“Aside from the obvious unnecessary cost to the Council and the taxpayer, the problem is exasperated by the relative ease at which very cheap cars are being purchased to rally and then discard. In other instances, owners are simply abandoning end-of-life vehicles because they are unaware of organised ways to dispose and recycle them. Authorised treatment facilities provide this service for registered vehicle owners to avail of free of charge. I spoke with an ATF provider only this week and they were critical of the lack of advertisement and awareness that people have in this regard.

“Abandoned cars encroach upon public spaces but they are also a major environmental hazard and can attract anti-social behaviour, often being set alight. Over time and as they decay, car batteries, tyres, paint and other components release hazardous substances into the environment. Oils, coolants and other fluids are toxic and dangerous when spilled and can seep into and contaminate groundwater.

“It would seem to me that not enough effort is directed toward better public awareness by the Minister for the Environment into the end-of-life disposal procedure option available to motorists, wishing to be rid of an old vehicle. I believe an advertisement campaign across multiple media channels would go a long way in encouraging people toward correct vehicle disposal and ultimately reducing these figures.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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