Government must fully implement solutions for CAMHS

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Sinn Féin spokesperson on Mental Health, Mark Ward TD has called on the Government to fully implement the successful Sinn Féin motion that will reform and resource CAMH services

Speaking after the Govement did not oppose his motion Teachta Ward said “The Government have a tactic of not opposing the oppositions motions as they simply do not want the political fallout of having to vote against improving Children’s Mental Health services “By not opposing our motion the Minister has admitted that they have failed. “They failed the 4000 children who are waiting on an initial assessment for CAMHS. When this Government came into place it was just over 2000. This is 86% increases under this Government.

“They have failed the over 13000 children waiting on primary care psychology appointments. This was at 7,700 in 2020 when the Minister was appointed. This is a 71% increase under their watch. “They have failed the children and young people who are reliant on a post code lottery of treatment. For example, there is a 4-week waiting time for appointment with Jigsaw if you live in Wicklow, but if you are a child or young person with a mental health difficulty living in Cork you will have to wait for 30 weeks before you are seen by Jigsaw. “They are failing the 741 children who were admitted to hospital for mental health difficulties after presenting A&E.

“They are also failing the GPs that the report outlined have had no choice but to refer children to emergency departments as this was the best option in getting a psychiatric evaluation. “They are failing the Children who are waiting to be admitted into specialist inpatient care. There are fewer CAMHS inpatient beds available now than when this government came into place. Only 51 out of the 72 CAMHS beds are currently operational with 16 further beds in danger of closing in Cork. “Sinn Féin’s motion had a raft of solutions that would dramatically improve children and young persons access to mental health treatment. “I will be holding the Government to account on this. The Government must not play politics with our children futures. “Is there any greater crime than denying a child the opportunity to reach their full potential?”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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