First Dublin local authority to approve a Climate Change Action Plan


Elected members at the monthly meeting of South Dublin County Council (SDCC) have voted to approve the Council’s Draft Climate Change Action Plan. The Dublin Region is facing significant risks and challenges related to climate change. In response to this, each of the four Dublin Local Authorities has worked with Codema – Dublin’s Energy Agency and the Dublin Metropolitan CARO office on developing individual Draft Climate Change Action Plans that outline how each local authority will act to prevent and adapt to the effects of climate change.The Plans identify the main climate risks facing Dublin and outline both the Councils’ and the region’s current levels of greenhouse gas emissions. They also outline all the actions that are ongoing or planned within the Councils and these are grouped under five key areas – Energy and Buildings, Transport, Flood Resilience, Nature-Based Solutions and Resource Management.

The public consultation for each of the four Draft Climate Change Action Plans was held through a series of events and workshops between 11 February and 25 March this year. SDCC received a total of 73 submissions during this period. There were 114 actions in South Dublin County Council’s Draft Climate Change Action Plan; a further 17 have been added to the final document as a result of public submissions whilst another eight have been amended.

Daniel McLoughlin, Chief Executive of South Dublin County Council, said, “The level and detail of submissions received during the consultation period reflect widespread public concern on the urgent need to respond to climate change. South Dublin County Council is determined to do all within its power to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This involves working on our own buildings and operations, whilst also influencing the wider community, other public bodies and businesses. It further requires making the South Dublin County Council area more adaptive to the impacts of climate change.”




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