FF publishes scooter safety bill

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John Curran T.D. has said his party has published legislation to set legal parameters for the safe use of e-scooters. The Bill removes the requirement for e-scooters and e-bikes to be taxed and insured by altering the definition of mechanically propelled vehicles. Deputy Curran said, “Whereas some politicians have done photo ops and have talked about the need for regulations, they have yet to table any legislation which would clear up the uncertainty surrounding the use of e-scooters.


“The Fianna Fáil Bill permits the use of e-scooters on Irish roads, but it also lays down a number of safety requirements. We want to see less cars on the roads, less congestion and less emissions but we want people to be responsible and safe and to minimise the potential for any accidents and injuries. “Similar to other EU countries the Bill sets a maximum speed of 25 km/h for e-scooters and requires all e-scooters to be fitted with a speed limitation device designed to prevent the vehicle from exceeding this speed. The Bill also makes it an offence to ride an e-scooter without due consideration for the safety of others, which is already an offence for bike users.


“Ultimately this Bill will expand the remit of the Road Safety Authority to make recommendations regarding the safe use of e-scooters. Furthermore, it empowers the Minister for Transport to make any necessary regulations. Thus far the Minister has failed in his duty to all road users, leaving scooter users in a legal limbo, Gardaí with unenforceable obligations and pedestrians at risk”, concluded Deputy Curran.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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