Everyone in Dublin is Entitled to a Brown Bin Collection Service in 2024

Brown Bin

There is good news for households in rural areas. New legislation, coming into effect in January 2024, means all householders in Ireland will be entitled to a brown bin recycling collection service from their waste collector.

“Whether you live low in a valley, or high on a hill, the forthcoming household food and biowaste regulations means everyone, everywhere can now avail of a brown bin service,” said Pauline McDonogh, spokesperson for MyWaste.ie. “There are many households who are already fantastic at recycling and make a great effort to separate food waste. This change in legislation will make it easier for them as they can now finally access a brown bin collection service. If you don’t currently have a brown bin, I’d encourage you to organise one early in 2024.  Contact your current waste collector – because you’re never too remote to recycle.” she added.

The brown bin service accepts all types of food including raw and cooked meat and fish, plate scrapings, along with fruit and vegetable peelings. Other items that can go into the brown bin include food-soiled paper napkins, paper towels, pizza boxes as well as grass clippings and light garden waste. There is lots of information available at https://www.mywaste.ie/brown-bin-service/

“With more and more households having access to the brown bin, it will allow more people to  play their part to separate waste into the different streams and help Ireland achieve its national recycling target,” said Des Crinion Chairperson of Irish Waste Management Association. “Recycling waste correctly, by putting it in the brown bin, is a vital step in our collective efforts to achieve targets and tackle climate change. The material from the brown bin is sent for composting or anaerobic digestion (AD) here on the island of Ireland. All waste collectors are preparing for these new regulations. To avail of this service from January, contact your current waste collector,” he added.

MyWaste.ie has information on how to manage all waste types including preventing and recycling food waste in your home. “Every single person can make a huge difference in helping our environment and contributing positively to Ireland achieving a recycling rate of 60% by 2030” said Pauline McDonogh, Spokesperson for MyWaste.ie.

For more information, please visit https://www.mywaste.ie/brown-bin-service/

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