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Learning to tell the time is one of the most common maths worries we come across at Kip McGrath. Many children struggle with this skill, especially when it comes to learning minutes to the hour.

The order for learning the time is o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to, 5-minute intervals and then 1-minute intervals.  Your child also needs to master analogue (telling the time on a clock face) and digital time.


At Kip McGrath we break down all the elements of telling the time into manageable stages. It is important that your child practises each stage as much as possible to reinforce their learning and also that they understand what a valuable skill telling the time is. Make sure you have a least one simple clock in your house with a minute and hour hand and clear numbers on the dial. It is also a sensible idea to buy your child a simple wrist watch so they can tell the time with you in everyday situations such as knowing what time school starts and ends.


Here are some good online, interactive resources to help your child practise telling the time:

Nessy Clock Island – Clock Island is an interactive program that uses strategies to show you how to tell the time.

On Time – Set the hands of the clock to answer the questions. 4 levels take your child through the different stages of learning to tell the time.

Time Keeper – Burt the Bird wants to help you fix your clocks. Pick the clock that shows the correct time. There are four different difficulty levels

If you feel your child would benefit from the individual support of a qualified teacher instead, or it’s difficult to find the time to try these online resources yourself, don’t hesitate to call the team at Kip McGrath!

Call 01 490 8780 or see


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