How important is the parent-teacher relationship?

Building a strong parent-teacher relationship can seem like a difficult balancing act. However, with proper communication it can be simple. Remember your child’s teacher should be your first port of call for any issues.

Going over a teacher’s head or grumbling about issues without any communication will lead to a soured relationship. Likewise, never agreeing with the teacher’s judgement will create tension and worsen communication overall. This week we will focus on the “Do’s” when building a strong parent – teacher relationship.


Try to resolve issues with your child’s teacher first

As the person closest to your child’s progress, your child’s teacher is the best person to deal with the issues they may face. Don’t go over their heads. Not only can this sour the relationship but may result in an issue being miss-handled or made over-complicated.

Help your child to learn fundamental skills

Instead of spending every moment hammering in what your child has already learned at school, it’s often more beneficial to teach broader life skills so that your child is better able to participate and contribute at school

Encourage your child to be responsible

Following on from our last point, responsibility is highly important in helping to build a strong parent-teacher relationship. If your child can be trusted to clearly communicate information between you, the relationship will be much stronger.

Get involved in your child’s learning

Keeping up to date with your child’s learning is always important. Not only does it allow you to assist

Next time we will focus on the “Don’ts”

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