At our Kip McGrath Education Centre our tutors see students misspelling words all the time. Here is our list of top 10 words that are regularly misspelled by students and a few handy hints for getting them right.

1.Because – the ending of this word is tricky to remember.

Remember:   Big Elephants Can’t Always Understand Small Elephants  Because

2. Separate – commonly misspelled seperate

Remember:   Never separate a para from his parachute! Separate

3. Weird – commonly misspelled wierd

Remember: We…ir…d


4. Believe – commonly misspelled beleive

Remember: There is always a lie in believe.

5. Friend – commonly misspelled freind

Remember: A friend is a friend until the end

6. Accommodation – commonly misspelled acommodation or accomodation

Remember: Accommodation has two cots and two mattresses.

7. Beautiful – commonly misspelled beutiful

Remember: It is important to “be a beautiful person.

8. February – commonly misspelled Feburary

It is brrrrr cold in February

9. Necessary– commonly misspelled neccessary

Remember: One “collar” and two “socks”. Necessary

10. A lot – This is commonly misspelled as one word – alot

Remember: You do not write alittle so don’t write alot.  A lot is two separate words.

There are many more and each student will be different – both in terms of their mistakes and how they best learn the corrections.