€186 million of funding approved for a new neighbourhood in Clonburris


South Dublin County Council welcomes the announcement by Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien TD, that Cabinet has approved a Preliminary Business Case (PBC) for €186.3 million of Urban Regeneration Funding (URDF) to support delivery of a €2.9billion regeneration programme at Clonburris (Strategic Development Zone). This decision follows initial approval-in-principle in March 2021. 

This €186.3 million of funding, along with €18.8 million from the NTA for Active Travel and Public Transport, will support the delivery of a new neighbourhood at Clonburris in West Dublin. This funding will be used to build the new streets and transport infrastructure, new parks, community centres, and utility networks that will enable delivery of 8,700 new homes, for some 23,000 people over the next 10 years. 

South Dublin County Council have worked tirelessly with Government and the other landowners Cairn Homes, Kelland Homes and Quintain. The Council have a well-tailored delivery plan to drive forward delivery of these much-needed new homes. South Dublin County Council is also a landowner and has ambitious housing plans, and this funding will help the Council deliver approximately 2,500 new social and affordable homes, in addition to several public facilities. South Dublin County Council is dedicated to delivering a new sustainable community to this region which will serve generations to come.”

The Mayor of South Dublin County Council Cllr. Emma Murphy said “It is with immense pleasure that I as the Mayor of South Dublin County Council welcome the announcement of the approval of the Clonburris Preliminary Business Case enabling the progression to the next stages of the Clonburris SDZ project. The approval by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage represents a clear commitment to providing transformational impact through the creation and delivery of a new sustainable community in South Dublin County Council. The business case will fund infrastructure that will unlock the delivery of much needed new affordable, social, and private homes over the coming years, as well as key sources of employment and community facilities in Clonburris. South Dublin County Council is determined to create a new sustainable community for over 23,000 people in Clonburris and the URDF grant funding will enable the delivery of this new community.”

Chief Executive of South Dublin Daniel McLoughlin added, “I am delighted with the Government’s announcement to approve the Clonburris Preliminary Business Case, which supports the delivery of critical infrastructure that will unlock the development of a new sustainable residential community within Clonburris SDZ. Clonburris has the potential to be a transformative project of national, regional, and local significance in terms of housing provision, regeneration of neighbouring communities, enhanced transport, and the creation of a high-quality neighbourhood in a strategic location. We have put in place a credible delivery programme that will see the construction of over 8,700 much needed new homes which will serve more than 23,000 people, as well as the provision of 90 hectares of new public parks, community facilities, streets and utilities between now and 2030. The ongoing delivery of this €2.9 billion regeneration project will also act as key employment generator with the forecasted creation of approximately 2,360 direct new jobs. The detailed financial and economic analysis has demonstrated that with the support of URDF and NTA funding, viable housing delivery can be unlocked which provides a positive return on the State investment. High level analysis demonstrates that the €186.3m exchequer investment would leverage private sector investment of c. €2.9bn and generate direct tax returns of c. €520m. As a key landowner in Clonburris SDZ, South Dublin County Council will lead the way in delivering 2,500 homes on our own land, as well as a range of public amenities. South Dublin County Council are fully focused on working through the next stages of the URDF funding process and are committed to working in partnership with other existing landowners in the SDZ to deliver much needed new homes and public amenities to these areas as a matter of priority.”

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