Dublin Woman, living with MS to complete 50KM in May for MS Ireland

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Excitement is building at the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland because The May 50K officially begins!  The May 50K is a global fitness and fundraising challenge to raise money for MS research worldwide and also support MS Ireland projects and services. Thousands of people in Ireland have signed to take up in the month-long challenge. You can check out our new website here www.themay50k.com/event/ireland/home.

There are over 9,000 people in Ireland living with multiple sclerosis. It’s our mission to leave MS where it belongs, behind us. So, this year, MS Ireland has teamed up with the MS International Federation for The May 50K. Walk Or Run 50 Kilometres In May Whilst Fundraising For Life-Changing Research Into Multiple Sclerosis, Improving Access To Treatments And Supporting People Living With Ms In Ireland. Wherever you live, whatever your fitness level, you can decide when and where you will complete your 50 kilometres. Every step you take, every kilometre you clock, helps people get access to the treatment they need today and takes us closer to finding a cure for MS. You can do it by yourself, or as part of a virtual team with friends, family or work colleagues.

With restrictions on movement to keep everybody safe, it is vital that you stay healthy. Thankfully, even at this time The May 50K is a great way to stay fit and help fund life-changing MS research and work to improve access to treatments and support people living with MS in Ireland. As a virtual fitness and fundraising challenge, it can be completed anywhere – on your own in your local area and even in your home. It’s important that we stay fit and healthy during this time so sign up now and help raise funds for MS Ireland and the MS International Federation. Keep your distance and run the distance!

Lorna Cahill, Dublin, Mother of 2, living with MS for 10 years. “I have decided to take part in the ‘May 50K’ as I enter my 10th year of living with MS. I am usually very private about my MS, Covid has changed that. I had to stop working last March until July as I was considered high risk. I am a social care worker, supporting adults with intellectual disability, not really a job that can be done from home. I was very happy to return to the job I love in July, but by then people noticed I was working from home and I had many conversations with people about why I was working from home.

The more I have talked about my MS in the last year, the more I have realised that MS does not define me. It is just part of who I am. I am very lucky, If I had known 10 years ago that this is what living with MS was, I don’t think I would have been so devastated. I think I went into mourning about the life I thought I would have. I had just got married six months previously. I was the fittest I had ever been. I nearly fell off the chair when they told me I had MS.

10 years later, I feel so fortunate. I am now on medication that works for me. I have chosen to do the may 50k because when I was diagnosed 10 years ago, I needed to see people like me. My image of MS was a major disability and loss of independence. I now know that this is not always the case. I know this is not always the case so I want to help raise money for the amazing work that is being done to try and find a cure for this disease.”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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