Dublin MEP calls for Fast Fashion Levy in Ireland

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Dublin MEP Barry Andrews has called on the Irish Government to introduce a levy on ultra fast fashion products sold in Ireland. It comes as the European Parliament prepares for a landmark vote tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd April) to ban products made with forced labour from entering the European Union.  The Fianna Fáil MEP has been a vocal advocate of legislation to eradicate forced labour from the supply chains of products entering the EU market.

Speaking ahead of the vote, MEP Andrews commented, “Roughly 27.6 million people are in forced labour around the world, across many industries and in every continent. Fast Fashion apps like Shein and Temu have been linked to forced labour according to studies carried out by the US Congress.

“This historic deal marks a pivotal moment in the European Union’s commitment to combating fast fashion and modern-day slavery. It is a significant victory for human rights, and it sends a clear message that the European Union stands firmly against the exploitation of workers. By banning products made with forced labour, we are taking a bold step toward a more ethical and just global economy.

“There can be no place for any product made under these conditions to enter the European single market or the Irish market. That is why this vote for an EU-wide ban on products made with forced labour will be a landmark achievement.

“The French Government has now implemented an environmental levy on hyper-fast fashion products, particularly targeting items from Chinese brands like Temu and Shein, as well as banning the advertising of such products.

“I am now calling on the Irish government to consider our own national legislation to address the impact of fast fashion and to put an end to the scourge of forced labour and modern slavery. A levy on hyper fast fashion would make these mass-produced, cheap, imported products less attractive to buyers and encourage spend on more sustainable clothing.”  

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