Dublin Bus to continue to review Lucan’s 25 Bus Routes

Dublin Bus
John Curran T.D. has welcomed the news from Dublin Bus that they are to continue to review the 25 and 25X Bus Routes as part of their overall plan to increase service levels along all the 25 bus Routes in Lucan. Deputy Curran was speaking after receiving information from Dublin Bus recently; “Since the 24th of March the 25a and the 25b have benefited from many additional trips. Route 25a benefited from an additional 46 departures per week and the 25b gained a total of 32 extra trips. “After making representations to Dublin Bus and bringing this issue to the floor of the Dáil in recent months and in order to alleviate the capacity issues for Lucan commuters, I continue to raise the issue of the Lucan Bus Service on all routes along the N4. In information that I received from Dublin Bus I am satisfied that they are committed to reviewing all routes along the 25 bus routes despite the recent increase in service level and capacity. Route 25 and 25X which service Dodsboro are next to be examined by Dublin bus with consideration being given to passenger numbers and capacity on these routes along with the planned level of increased housing units, the potential for enhanced service levels will be considered.
Dublin Bus have also informed me that these reviews and any necessary improvements will take place separately and before any redesign of the entire bus network that is ongoing with the BusConnects project, and this is crucial. I have been calling for immediate interim solutions to bus service improvements since the announcement of BusConnects. Many residents in Lucan have contacted my office in relation to the difficulties they experience on their daily commute from Lucan. There have been significant gaps in existing services in Lucan on the 25A and 25B services.  From times as early as 6.30am the 25A and 25B and 25X are overcrowded and not stopping for commuters. This is simply not good enough for residents in Lucan as they make their way to work to face this chaos on their commute. I trust that this announcement by Dublin Bus will go some way to alleviate the pressure in Lucan. Public Transport must be a Government priority;” concluded Deputy Curran.
Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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