Dublin bus needs to resume full operation in West Tallaght

Dublin Bus

Local Area Rep, Adam Smyth is calling for Dublin bus to resume full operations in West Tallaght. “For over 2 months now, Dublin bus has not operated in parts of West Tallaght after 6pm, causing many people to either walk home in the dark, or having to pay for taxis”. With a reportedly successful garda operation on our transport in Tallaght, it’s time to resume full operations and tackle the anti-social behaviour before the summer begins.

“Without the full operation of the routes, how can we properly assess the success of what we are doing.” “The issues of anti-social behaviour on Dublin bus have been an issue for years with cancellations to the service, we need a successful plan that can keep the services running at full operation”.

West Tallaght deserved to have the same level of public transport services as the rest of Dublin. “I would hope to see Tallaght in the near future to have an even better service with a 24 hour bus, giving people who either work early in the mornings or finish late, the opportunity to save money from taxis or having to drive to work just to get home safely”. “I see it first hand, working in the hospitality sector myself, trying to just simply get home from work in the evenings can be a challenge itself, and even more so now with the bus not entering west Tallaght”.

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