Driver Theory Test Should Be Deemed Essential

Corey Carey Driver Theory Tests

A Clondalkin Cllr has called for the driver theory tests to be deemed an “essential service” by the government. Some of those who have had their theory test cancelled have been waiting for up to six months already for an appointment and further delay like this will only lead to further backlogs in the system. The cancellation of the driver theory test affects younger people especially, as they are setting out on their working life and careers.

Cllr William Carey added, for many, “obtaining a driving licence is their route to employment and for many it is often as important as passing their leaving certificate”. “We have set a very high standard in this this country for obtaining a driving licence and it is an essential tool for many people seeking employment. This delay in the process may not seem much, but my fear is that it will have knock on effects further in the process that will lead to further delays in driver testing. “I find it astonishing that the theory test, which is the first step for all people wishing to obtain a driving licence should be omitted from the chain of procedures. The theory test takes place in a controlled environment, sitting in front of a computer screen and it is ludicrous to think that this cannot be provided safely”.

Cllr. Carey was speaking after learning that the driver theory test has not been included as an  “essential service” in the list of services provided by the Road Safety Authority. Cllr Carey concluded by saying “my grandson applied for his test last July (2019) and Jan 2020 was the earliest he was offered which has now been cancelled, young people cannot be expected to put their life on hold because of this pandemic”. We need to ensure that young people see their futures progressing in front of them, and receiving their permit for driving is an essential part of that.

Pictured: Corey Carey (17) who received notification of his cancelled test recently.  

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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