Dodder Valley Litter Mugs Recent Clean Up

Dodder Litter Mugs July Clean Up 2
Local group the Dodder Valley Litter Mugs carried out another clean up on the 13th of July. During the clean up the group removed two large water logged couches and dragged them up an impressive hill. A clean up which was described by the group as one of the hardest clean ups to date, as this particular part of the park has a tough bank. The group is definitely one of the most dedicated, collecting 30 bags of rubbish in one clean up including some leaflet material.  Other items retrieved from the area were electrical pieces and motorbike parts.
As a result of ‘drinking’ peppered all the way along the River, the group managed to clear most of the cans, cigarettes, drug bags and other items including a mattress and fishing wire, all of which pose a danger to the area’s wildlife. Local volunteers John Kiberd (litter mug) and Sally Ann Lyons (Dodder Action Group) were both dismayed to see how much waste was recovered in the actual river. Other volunteers Padhraig Jones (Tallaght Rugby Club) and Wladek Gaj (Dodder Action Group) provided the muscle for most of the heavy lifting. And local Cllr. Alan Edge brought and used the waders, not afraid to get in the deeper water to remove plastics. Christine Barretto (Climate Ambassador) found fire damage on trees a different day recently and realised that fires are a popular past time along the Dodder ‘drinking’ area.
The group has requested some new benches and litter bins in the Dodder area and to date this has not been delivered by local authority. On the positive side, the council have decided to allow the grasses grow with the delay in mowing having a positive impact on the area’s biodiversity. The area is home to an array of wildflowers and grasses with an increase of bees, butterflies and insects.
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