Disappointing that Government claws back part of €200 electricity credit


TD for Dublin South West Seán Crowe has said that it is disappointing that the Government would immediately claw back €24 of the electricity credit that hard pressed users are receiving this week through VAT, saying it bordered on dishonest.

Teachta Crowe said: “I was very disappointed when I was contacted by people who were understandably angry and confused after receiving their electricity bills which included the Government’s long promised electricity credit. Many were gobsmacked to see that the €200 had shrunk to €176, not knowing that the credit was subject to VAT.

“I think it is frankly bordering on dishonest that the Government was not upfront about this. I do not believe that they should be giving with one hand and immediately clawing back with the other. If they wanted to give people €200 in credit, then they should have given that.

“It is typical of how this Government has approached the cost of living crisis. People are really struggling and this Government either doesn’t care or has no idea how to make things easier on people. They seem to think its ok to give with one hand while grabbing it back with the other.” 

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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