Deposit Return machines must be accessible to all

Vicki Casserly Deposit Return

Retailers participating in the Deposit Return Scheme have a responsibility to ensure their recycling machines are accessible for everyone, a local Councillor has said. Councillor Vicki Casserly said people who use wheelchairs or may have mobility issues are reporting difficulties accessing and using machines which are currently installed in a large number of major retail units, as well as smaller and independent shops.

“The return chute on these machines is simply too high for someone to reach who is in a wheelchair or may be of short stature,” Councillor Casserly explained. “It’s extremely disappointing that as we embark on another path of progress to meet our recycling targets, people with disabilities are once again being left out in the cold,” Councillor Casserly said. “For years, we fought for wheelchair friendly changing rooms, cashier stations and bring banks to be made accessible to people with disabilities. Yet still, with this latest rollout of deposit return machines, many cannot use them – it’s another slap in the face to those who want to embrace change and carry out their civic responsibilities like everyone else.

“I have written to all the major supermarkets operating in Ireland to ask them what their policy is regarding the new machines and how they plan to facilitate those who cannot access them. It is depressing that this was not foreseen ahead of a nationwide rollout and that once again, those with disabilities must fight to be included and to participate. Unfortunately this sector is used to battling to access the same things as everyone else, but the onus is on retailers now to rectify this glaring oversight immediately.”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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