Counselling & Psychotherapy Courses at PCI College


PCI College was established in 1991 to provide people with a way to access the highest quality of education in the field of mental health. Almost 30 years later, and this hasn’t changed. With courses ranging from Personal Development, to an Honors Degree, Masters and Professional Development, PCI College ensures that students have access to a programme that suits them. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and don’t over crowd our classrooms, because, education works better when it’s not made for the masses.

All our courses are experiential, which means, no exams! Counselling & Psychotherapy isn’t something you learn by burying your head in a book just to be graded on how well you can write an essay in two hours. We believe that hands on learning and experience is the key to a success.

To find out more about PCI College, and get some information on the right course for you, check out You could be just a few minutes away from a life changing and rewarding experience., email us at or give us a call on 01 464 2268.

You could be just a few minutes away from a life changing and rewarding experience.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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