Councillor Welcomes Funding Confirmation for ‘Black Path’ Lighting in Neilstown


Councillor Derren Ó Brádaigh has welcomed the confirmation by South Dublin County Council for funding toward public lighting at an important pedestrian connectivity route in Neilstown, known locally as the ‘Black Path’. Cllr Ó Brádaigh said: “Back in March of this year, I tabled a motion at Area Committee that sought approval by fellow councillors and agreement from South Dublin County Council to instal public lighting on a 280 meter section of pedestrian walkway, referred to locally as the ‘Black Path’ – a stretch totally void of any lighting. This important pathway provides direct access to the residents of over 400 homes and runs from Neilstown Shops through Ronanstown and Wood Avens and providing access to Foxdene residents too.

The Sinn Féin Councillor for Lucan-Palmerstown-North Clondalkin also said; “At the time of discussing the motion, the Council indicated a reluctance to pursue this project for reasons that really didn’t stack up in my view. Nevertheless, I continued to monitor this with subsequent follow ups. I was confused to read that the rationale for the reluctance not to agree lighting along the laneway was for the reason that the vicinity is ‘not overlooked’ and users may be vulnerable mid-section between lighting – this being the very reason lighting is recommended in the first instance in a recent report. The area is not a segregated park but a key practical and busy residential pathway en-route to local services.

“The call for public lighting at this particular location was supported and recommended in the previous survey research, outlining the concerns for lighting at this location amongst its key findings. A ‘Safety and Inclusivity in Clondalkin Scoping Study’ within the perspective of gender-based violence and commissioned by South Dublin County Council as part of the ‘300K Have Your Say Participatory Budget’ went on further to recommend that the Black Laneway is lit, particularly at night!

“The confirmation for funding being secured by the Housing, Social and Community Development Department through Sláintecare for lighting, will be really welcome news to all those residents that have been highlighting this for many years. I believe that new public lighting at this location will also go some way toward reducing illegal dumping and tackling specific anti-social behaviour. I thank the council for their willingness to listen to the voice of the local community and once again, I want to importantly commend and congratulate the 157 individuals and 14 organisations that took the time to participate in the overall survey work in this regard.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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