Councillor calls for NTA to seriously engage on Clonburris

Dublin Bus

The material alternations to Clonburris SDZ have been published by South Dublin County Council and are open for public consultation until the 20th April. A large section of the alterations relates to public transport infrastructure. Clondalkin Councillor Madeleine Johansson (People Before Profit) made the following comments:

“I, and many other councillors, voted in favour of alterations to the SDZ such as the inclusion of public transport elements in the Phasing of the development, despite the fact that this may delay the construction of housing. We have been calling on the NTA to seriously engage with councillors for some time but to date have seen no such engagement forthcoming.

“It is incredibly disappointing that a national body such as the NTA has very little regard for local democracy and local representatives. On top of this lack of communication from the NTA, Dublin Bus cut 3 buses a day on the 68 route to Newcastle only last week. This clearly indicates that neither the NTA nor Dublin Bus have any interest in providing a good service to the general area.

“The traffic congestion in the area will continue unless there is serious investment in public transport, and as of now, it seems that the only change is for the worse.”




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