Council to Revisit ‘Esker Embankment’ Connection

Cllr Derren Ó Brádaigh

Commenting on a recent briefing received by councillors, regarding South Dublin County Council’s intention to explore the viability of a Lucan permeability scheme once again, councillor Derren Ó Brádaigh outlined some of the plan now subject to a detailed scoping study.

The Sinn Féin councillor said “The area in question extends between the estates of Castle Riada and Moy Glas in Lucan and is part of the meandering glacial ridgeline or ‘Esker’ formed thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, this wonderful natural land piece is overgrown, unkempt and the scene of some anti-social behaviour and illegal dumping down the years. A scheme was brought to ‘Part 8’ in 2012 with construction approved by the National Transport Authority. However, because of some amendments brought by councillors at the time, the NTA declined to pursue the project as they felt the permeability was compromised.

“Promoting active travel and related projects that encourage walking, cycling and improved connectivity has become an important aspect of local authority planning now, and the Esker Embankment is just one such project being examined. The aim at this location is ultimately to provide safer accessibility and improve the general aesthetics, through a well-designed and publicly lit up route, that could see further connectivity via Glen Vale and Foxborough and beyond.

“It is envisaged that this public realm project could see up to a potential €1m investment on this project in the local area. The next steps will require agreeing a format with elected representatives and stakeholders, with a high-level concept being brought back to the NTA, whereby safety, accessibility, inclusivity, and permeability objectives will come under prior scrutiny before agreement.

Earlier in the Summer, both the local Sinn Féin team and myself conducted a door knock as part of our routine courtesy canvasses with residents in all of the estates immediately near or close to the Esker. I have continued to keep people informed of developments for this scheme over the past two years. The feedback toward the project was one of interest and generally supportive. Importantly, there must be a full and open public consultation involving residents nearby, to best inform and work for an overall positive public realm improvement that satisfies the needs of all concerned.”

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