Council Reneging on Promise to Families of Newcastle


Local Councillor, Shirley O’Hara, has blasted South Dunlin County Council, accusing it of reneging on promises to deliver a public playground in Newcastle.

“Newcastle is a growing area and it’s bursting with families but starved of amenities. I was thrilled when the small play area at the entrance to Ballynakelly was opened last year,” said Cllr O’Hara. “It was a real saving grace for families during lockdown, but it was always meant to be part one of the plan for play facilities in the village. “A second play area was planned at Burgage and was due to be developed by a private developer and handed over to the Council as part of a formal agreement,” added Cllr O’Hara.

“The latest correspondence I have from the Council is suggesting that this might not happen for another eighteen months, if that’s the case it is simply not good enough. The Council and the developer are letting down the families of Newcastle and reneging on their promises to our community,” explained Cllr. Shirley O’Hara who was co-opted to the Council last year.

“Newcastle has no public park, no community centre, no adequate playground and not enough playing pitches. “It is great to see the new playing pitch being developed for St. Finian’s but it’s really disappointing that the club had to rely on the goodwill of a local doner to make that happen. I have requested a full report on what the Council proposes to invest in Newcastle and will continue to fight for more funding, more amenities and quicker progress,” concluded Cllr. Shirley O’Hara.

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