Continuous Crashes On N7 And Boot Road Junction Add To Residents’ Woes

N7 Car Accident Clondalkin

“Recently, local residents put up Christmas tree lights around the local green. A car then crashed into another car, which then hit a barrier between the junction and the green. This is just the most recent incident amongst a spate of similar crashes. Cars speed down the N7, turn left at the junction and hit the barrier. At one point, a car ended up on the green.” said Cllr Trevor Gilligan. 

“Luckily, no one was injured. What makes it more frustrating is the numerous times I have contacted TII who put a traffic management plan in place, which was simply a few orange plastic barriers and some signage – not good enough, as witnessed on a Sunday recently. Residents are distraught. I’ve lost track of the times I’ve contacted the TII about this. At this point, anyone near this junction is taking their lives into their own hands, that goes for both pedestrians and motorists. Continuous car accidents at this location add to residents’ fear and anxiety. TII need a proactive approach here, rather than a reactive approach.”

Pictured: Car incident at the N7 and Boot Road junction on Sunday 10th December. 

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