Concerns for water quality in Clondalkin/Lucan/Palmerstown

Water Lucan Clondalkin Palmerstown

Cllr Mark Ward of North Clondalkin/Lucan/Palmerstown has called on Irish Water to introduce a filtering system at source that would filter out sediments and grit before it gets to the consumers. Cllr Ward called for this after receiving numerous complaints of water quality since the supply was changed from Celbridge to Leixlip. Cllr Ward said; “The supply of water for the people of North Clondalkin/Lucan/Palmerstown originally came from Ballymore Eustace in Celbridge. This was a soft water supply. Last year Irish Water changed the source of water to Leixlip which is a harder water supply” “Since then I have received numerous complaints about the quality of water. Residents have contacted me about damage to electrical appliances such as kettles, washing machines etc. They have also reported a scum like substance after they boil the water, dark colour, odd tastes and drinking water with grit and sediments”

“I have asked Irish water to test a number of peoples supply and they have assured me that the water is perfectly fine to drink. I have no reason to doubt that but it’s the quality of water that concerns me” “You should be able to make a cup of tea without damaging your kettle or residue in your tea. Its as simple as that” “I have asked Irish Water to look into implementing a filtering system at source that will reduce the amount of sediments getting to the people of North Clondalkin/Lucan/Palmerstown. I am not proposing a chemical filter as suggested in the report I received. I am requesting a mechanical filtering system  that will catch sediments and grit way before it gets to peoples taps” “The Leixlip Water Plant is due a major upgrade next year and I will be pushing for this and other solutions to the quality of water to be part of this upgrade”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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