Clondalkin Local Area Plan consultation process


Cllr William Carey has called on all interested parties, including residents groups and local business owners to engage with the Clondalkin Local Area Plan consultation process.

SDCC are currently conducting a consultation process aimed at gauging public opinion for a comprehensive plan for Clondalkin village and the surrounds. On March 7th and 13th SDCC hosted workshop meeting’s in Aras Chronain and was attended by over 200 people. Whilst the majority of those in attendance where there to express their opposition to changes being suggested in traffic management, they received a wide dearth of information about possible changes and advancements for the village.

The Clondalkin area plan (LAP) is being seen as an opportunity to raise standards on the architecture and asthetics in an around the village, as well as an opportunity to preserve the feel and focus on the history of Clondalkin. This plan will also provide for an opportunity to raise the awareness and value of tourism to the village.

According to Cllr Carey the village is currently seen as disjointed. Unfortunately, with development being allowed to take place without any regard to an overall plan that can benefit the community. Cllr Carey said, large scale building development is fine if its structured and is part of a narrative to develop and maximise the old village but the feeling is that everything is just being bulldozed through.

Cllr Carey added, “whilst the village represents the heart of the community in Clondalkin we are in serious danger of giving it a coronary with over development”. It is important now, that we develop the infrastructure to cater for the growing population surrounding the village and provide for the future by protecting our heritage here.

Cllr Carey urged any one wishing to make a submission can do so by going to the consultation portal on SDCC website or simply fill in the online survey.

Closing date for filling out the survey has now been extended until Tuesday 2nd April 2024

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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