By Cathy Lee

Clondalkin councillors have raised their concerns over a proposed move of the community adult mental health team from Clondalkin to Tallaght. The potential move to Glenabbey, Tallaght was announced after the HSE declared the operational building in Clondalkin village was unfit for purpose. Clondalkin councillors passed a motion at their March meeting expressing their desire for services to continue in Clondalkin village, and stay there.

The motion pledged that councillors would write to all the relevant authorities to express their concern about the potential move. It read that “the services provided by the team are absolutely essential and so is the location at which they are accessed. This committee agrees that all services need to be retained in the Clondalkin area”.

Cllr Madeleine Johansson representing People Before Profit described the service as “vital” and said that the move is “deeply concerning” for the community. She thought particularly of those without the means to travel who need to use the service. She said that the move will further restrict services, affecting those in the community who need it the most and is now pleading with the HSE to reverse the decision and find an alternative location in Clondalkin immediately.