Circular Economy Project Proposed At Local Council Meeting

Circular Economy Project Proposed At Local Council Meeting

At the recent SDCC Annual Budget meeting, a feasibility study was agreed for a circular economy project which could see South Dublin County Council cut and collect all grass countywide in-house and compost all organic material collected from tree maintenance and grass and hedge cutting composted at a site locally. The compost could then be distributed to local groups and allotments. The feasibility study would also look at the possibility of harvesting the gas from the compost for use as fuel by means of a digester. 

Circular Economy Project Proposed At Local Council Meeting

Cllr Alan Edge who put forward the motion said, ‘It was really heartening to have broad cross-party support for this initiative and I was very happy to work alongside Fianna Fáil, Social Democrat, Labour, independent and Green caucus colleagues, with support from Sinn Féin, in order to include this proposal in a composite motion. The climate crisis we’re in requires innovation and collaboration and both were in evidence at last week’s meeting.’

In addition to the circular economy proposal, a feasibility study for a country tree nursery was included following collaboration between Cllr Liam Sinclair of An Rabharta Glas, Cllr Shane Moynihan of Fianna Fáil and Cllr Edge again with wide support from members across the parties and independents. The study would examine the carbon savings involved in such a project as well as the potential for revenue from selling trees to other local authorities. Speaking on the composite motion, Cllr. Sinclair said “these initiatives, created with consultation across the chamber, are a signal of South Dublin’s ambition to continue being the greenest local authority in Ireland.’

Cllr Moynihan said “These initiatives will further complement the Council’s growing work programme in relation to biodiversity, and also bring into focus the need for the Council to act as a facilitator in encouraging an integrated approach to climate action and the biodiversity crisis.” 

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